Monday, February 15, 2010

i just feel like writing..

this post is written without a purpose.. i just have the tinge in my heart saying that i need to write or i would go crazy.. seriously, this semester lacks of writing.. to dat, i could count how many essays have i written for academic purposes.. as for blog, not as much as last semester.. maybe i got distracted with other stuff or the subjects this semester do not require many writing.. but still, i love writing.. although my writing is not good and my handwriting is barely readable.. but i love it..

writing gives freedoms to words which are stuck in my head.. and it somehow show who we are inside.. because what we say is usually not what we write.. if speaking wise.. im rather mean.. i curse a lot and full of sarcasm.. however, when it comes to writing, im more polite and courteous.. haha.. in layman term.. lame..

that is the reason why i write.. that is the reason..