Monday, February 1, 2010

i just want to settle down..

it's weird okie for someone at the age of barely 20 wanted to stay put and have a stable relationship.. well, that is me.. somehow, i feel like i had enough of all the lovegame i played all these while.. i just want to fine someone stable and could love me for a long time.. im tired of meeting new people and hang around once or twice only not to go out anymore.. or worst, meet once and no more.. seriously, i want to settle down..

i want to have someone that i will spend my weekend with.. doing things together and share our problems together.. i want commitment in relationship.. not games.. i want someone who i can rely on when im in trouble.. someone who i know will always love me no matter what may come in the future.. that is what i want.. not someone who says to me "let's go out on a date, have fun...' blah,blah,blah.. send me home and that's it.. i dont want that..

*i want to settle down*


cuna_cuni said...

jom kahwin la sai, penat membujang.haha

Rayyan Haries Ean Rael said...

i want that too!!

sumpah nak jadi straight terus...wakakaka..

any takers??? :PP

Zouq said...

when it comes...then you'll be ready for it... the Q' is are u ready for doing so?? huhuhu... gud luck okay in finding ur truly loved one..

Sysco said...

cuna: mmg pn, nk kawin je..
harris: no takers la..
tikah: thanks..