Sunday, February 28, 2010

Im writing about.. something that is being repeated over and over again..

Well, today I attended a seminar ( module as it is called), on the usual stuffs.. I cannot say what was the topic because of sensitivity, but if you are Malaysians, you will surely know what are the topics that are being discussed.. because it has been repeated over and over again in the education system and going to be repeated again once I step into the working world too.. damn, im bored of it.. yes, we have to know it to know our rights, but if it is constantly repeated, it somehow loses it attraction.. remember, if you have the same meal, although it is your favorite, everyday.. it will lose it appeal later and does not appeal anymore.. this principle applied in this case too.. when you keep on repeating the same thing over and over again, people will somehow look pass through it as it has lose it appeals.. and yes people said, people who did not learn from their history, will repeat history.. but in this case, people who know history keep on repeating the facts of history and live their life there, and never move on..

*tired of this*

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by AJ Hadzmy

I think rite, Malays are the race who take things for granted, who likes to put themselves at risk. And when those things happen, I wont blame the other races who want to take over. And org tua yg slalu bwat masalah bukan org muda. Pg la ceramah kat die org. hahahahahha.