Saturday, January 29, 2011

Getting off focus.. again..

I told myself a thousand times. This semester will be better than the previous and I will put my focus solely on my studies. Hmm, looks like the whole telling yourself scheme has yet to show success. Instead, nowadays I go to classes with an annoyed face and a deep reluctance settled on my face, mind and soul. To be honest, I do not get it why? It is a self planned plan and I still fail to do so. I feel down with myself.

Due to this behaviour also, I have been sensing that some lecturers have started to feel annoyed and has started not liking me. What?! That is something new to me. Okie, not that new. I am always hated by at least one lecturer due to my attitude. Well, imagine having a student who comes to class, sits at the back, put on an annoyed face and do other work while the lecturer is teaching. Well, that student is me. So, I am quite used to being not liked. But usually this situation is fixed after a few weeks due to my participation in class later. But this time, I did not even have the effort to participate at all. Gosh, I have gone astray from my focus. Again.

I need to rethink about my focus again. I have to take a deep breath and set my focus again.



Anonymous said...

Excellent mission. Always keep submitting posts!