Friday, January 29, 2010

Im writing about.. high prestige schools..

Seriously, when I saw the headline on some newspaper saying some schools were selected as high prestige school, I was anxious to find out whether my school is selected as one of it or not.. as we always claim ourselves to be an elite school.. and what a shocker.. my school is not included.. and my neighbouring school is.. however, the shocked later dissolved as I recall the current state of my school.. it is not as great as before.. the percentage has been falling year by year.. and we always barely make it to the top ten list for big examination results ( in my years, we were no 9 if im not mistaken).. so, it was not a surprised anymore after recalling those scary facts..

Looking at the advantages given to these schools.. It is quite interesting especially the medium language to be used in those schools.. they can choose their own language.. wow, but I bet it will be either Malay, English or maybe Arab in some school.. nobody would venture a language so alien to them such as maybe French or Japanese since the user are not that many in our local society.. one more issue that quite scares me is the power of regulating teachers is now belong to the school.. so, I guess, no more slacking teachers will be kept around if the performance is not up to par.. this is somehow good and bad at the same time.. good because at least this gives the teacher a reminder to work hard or you’re out.. bad because this might give shame to the teacher and also it could be emotionally influenced..

One interesting addition to these school is early graduation if you are qualified.. however it is only by a year.. but still, you might be schooling in lesser years compared to your other friends.. haha.. for teenagers, what is important is the capability to show off.. but to some dismay, the school might lengthen the period of study.. but to think again, nowadays students are always found to be at school, staying back for many purposes.. let it be co curriculum or extra classes.. so, I could say that this is no big deal.. then, there is also addition to the budget to be used by the school each year.. but seriously, I don’t see how this benefits the school because sometimes the money is there but no activities were being done..

As a conclusion, I hope the latest government plan to develop our education system is well organized and get support from many in order to achieve the long aspirated goal of developed country by 2020 and able to mould our own great individuals..