Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Movie review.. Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant..

Okie, I just watched this movie although my heart said no because I knew changes are bound to happened in adaptation.. besides, it is from one of my favourite author, Darren Shan who the way he sees the mystical in such a way that we feel that it is not much different from ours.. but, after a lot of temptation within me, I succumbed to it and finally watched it.. and let me just put my emotion in one word.. ABHORENCE..

Yup, abhorrence towards the director and anyone involved in making this movie.. this is by far the worst adaptation ever in the history of mankind, I must say.. it says that it took the story from the first three books of the series.. as a reader of the series, I could not recall any of the scene from the movie in the book.. it is just way disappointing.. by the 20th minute, my eyes starts to go teary as I am sleepy and also sad thinking of this is what happened to one of my favourite book series when it is adapted to the screen.. totally destroyed.. the timeline just done make sense.. the plot is all hay wired.. the characters is not who I know from the books.. the only resemblance was the name and it stops there.. everything inside the movie is rubbish in my point of view to say the least.. if I were Darren Shan, I will cry and mope thinking about what have they done with my work.. seriously, it is that bad..

So, my advice to the moviemaker, do not make a sequel to this movie as you have destroyed it totally.. you mixed everything up and do your own story, and not Mr Shan’s.. seriously, I abhore your work for destroying one of my favourite book series of all time.. stop here and do not, please I beg you, do not make another movie from this series as I am currently still devastated from the outcome of the movie..

*rate: -90 from 5*