Sunday, May 9, 2010

finally.. it's over..

so, just now i have answered the final paper for this semester. that means it is also the closing for this semester. Man, how i have waited for this day to come. it comes at last.. and i am grateful for it. no more life in these lonesome places i call hostel and campus. haha, kidding. but i am going to be back home for nearly two month. yeah, i like long holiday, although i dont really like the effect on my body. i am gonna gain some unnecessary weight again. lol, but that is a fact i will have to face. but maybe this time i wont gain, but lose maybe. haha. *pray hard for that* but than again what matters right now is that i am finally taking some time of studying. it is not that i dont like studying but after some time, you just need a break. so, going to have fun and also attend a lot of weddings, including my sis's. damn, they will make me do all those work that i dont like. you know, those hard work of entertaining guesses, carrying the dishes and all. how i hate those things. hehe. hey, i am not a diva but those are not my idea of having a wedding feast. but, what the hack, maybe i couls escape. Man, how i want to attend those events on that day. the performance in IB, youthmania and many more. but no, i got wedding to attend..... (TAT)
gosh, can i be a singer for a day? i have been wanting to be a singer although i know my family is not fond of the whole idea. but hey, i like music, especially singing.. please, i want to be a singer so badly. huhu.. random