Friday, May 7, 2010

Reasons to smile are back.. but I cried instead..

Okie, today I went to the faculty realizing one big major change from what it used to be. It is packed with people, instead of the usual ghost town like feeling when you enter the library with no one inside, walk down the hallway with nothing but the sound of your footsteps to accompany you. It is packed with new faces. Faces of new Intecees. I was ogling at them to see are they a match to their seniors’ good looks and admiration material. But, my exploration came to no avail. None was at par. Huhu. Sorry guys but your seniors were way hotter. Then, I saw familiar faces walking pass me. Hey, the seniors are back from their seminars and preparing for their finals. This realization brought a smile on my face. I know Tower is back. I have reason to go to the faculty again. Hehe, I am happy and seriously, after a while, I smile sincerely at the faculty although the paper I was about to face was on one of my least favorite subjects. Well, who cares about the development of education in Malaysia if you have read the same thing for the last four semesters? One semester is too much, four semesters is just way too many. Later going to learn it again. Seriously, they need to do something about this redundancy.

Back to the story, my friend who knows about my admiration for Tower came and told me that she just saw Tower just now, on the way back home. Well, I was a bit disappointed to miss the sight of Tower but please, just knowing Tower was there was enough for me. The sky was shining brightly and the place just gone warmer for me and literally. I just found my drive back to go to the faculty. Although this Sunday is going to be the last day I will be here this semester and I never saw Tower on Sundays, but I am just glad that Tower is back. Please do well in your exams, Tower. Although we will never meet again, but you will always be one of my sweetest memories. I was smiling and singing the whole time I was at the faculty.

This is until I finished the paper which I think I did quite badly since I have no idea how to answer a few questions and ended up putting ridiculous answers on the paper. Then, I was off to my lecturer’s room for my carry marks. I was flabbergasted to see the marks for my literature, it was low. However, it does not sadden me since literature was never my forte. Then I was off to my lecturer’s room who taught the subject that we had just answered. How I was disappointed to see how low was my marks and particularly on one assignment. It is written that my groupmates and I were to get only 9 marks of total 20 marks. My heart shattered and I was left in awe. Never in my life had I done such sloppy work and given a miserable mark. It was not even half. I tried to deny in my conscience that I, Sai, had received such results in life. I was shaking and was having an emotional outburst. Finally, when it was too hard to handle, I burst in tears. Never in my life had I felt such shame. I looked at my part and there was nothing wrong, but mistakes of other have made it gone badly. I was too heartbroken. For everyone who knows me, I always strive for the best and I love praising and winning. I do not take in failures easily. Damn. Now I have a sure B in my list. Thanks .. I really need one.

Oh, but then again, my girlfriend, Alia came all the way from her place to see me. Girl, I was happy to see you but sorry you have to bear with my emotional breakdown just now. Hey, studies are my thing, failing in it made me feel like I lost a part of me. But we have fun taking pictures and have our dinner at Medan. Seriously, saying goodbye to you was awkward since I do not know what to say. Haha

That sums up my life for that particular day; Full of emotions and gains.



yUKi said...

chill sai, u still gonna get good result n u know it XP, herm no wonder u look joyful before d exam heheh,

spAn_kUrAk said...

oh, snanye laki yg ko ske uh fly ble sai?
i thought die dh fly. huhu
neway, be strong.
kau taukn kau genius. :)

Sysco said...

yuki: i hope so.. hehe, u're making me blushed.. haha
span: dia fly around august, tp de org kata dia maybe x fly lg sbb foundation dia 2 tahun..