Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Random stuffs about movies and life..

Okie, just got inspired to write after watching Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. One of the things that I always see and agree with is that the beach is the most romantic place and it could be a place for therapy if your heart is ever broken or you are just having a bad day. A lot of good things, in love especially, will be done by the beach. So, for those who wanted great love, have a holiday by the beach then. Haha, random..

Then, is it me or every time something bad happened to the main character, the place will just rain? Hehe, been seeing this a lot in movies. I wonder why when I am down, rain never pours. Hey, I am a star of my own movie. Hehe, self- absorbed critter am I.. Then, you will always get the one you love if you try really hard.. True meh?? Well, I don’t think this is applicable in real world. Sometimes we just have to get that that person is just not into us. Not everyone will get whoever they want. If this thing is so real, then there will be no such things as crushes where you ogle and stalk that particular person and will never, or maybe once in a million years, chance to talk to that person. Hmm.. Movies really are life with extra sugar on those bitter and sour parts.

Oh, must I say, is it me or in movies, everyone from different place is either too hot and everyone wants them or too weird and nobody wants them? That is the pattern I have been seeing in most of the movies. But in real life, I think we just make friend with everyone right? No matter how annoying you are, you will always find someone who could withstand your annoyingness. Hehe, I am speaking through experience.
So, that is my weird blabs about movies and life. Maybe there will be a sequel to this post and it would be worse than this since sequel are mostly bad.. haha, I am just saying.. till later..