Sunday, July 25, 2010

happy in the past, tears in present and fear in future..

what am i thinking when i was writing this title. it is memories. yup, memories of all the happiness that you have in the past is one of the greatest thing. it reminded you of how fun things used to be, how free was life and how innocent you were back then. it brings nothing but that warm feeling in your makes you want to turn back time and live in that moment. forever. without needing to grow up and face the future, the reality. this was inspired during a sit at Dc, a place that used to be the 'it' place for us.. the place where we met each other, making new friends. meeting new people, celebrate any occasion in our life back then. a place that used to be a place of friendship and relation, since we were far from family and all we have were each other. that time was full of laughter, every journey was an adventure and exploring was the main idea of existence. now, it all has changed..

now, the place is like a desert.. dead and soulless.. no more laughter, no more people hanging out doing things together, and seriously, no more laughter. what is left is a place with extreme commercialisation. sitting there, looking at the current state of the place, it brought the sad feeling in my heart to resurface and hoped for things would never had changed. but that is just too good to be true..

upon looking this, it makes me wonder, will the future be better or worse than its current state. will happiness ever find a place again in the hearts of the young and will exploring be the 'in' thing again. it alo make me feel that maybe i have grown up and it is about time for me to let go of all those memories and move forward, let it be into a world of better experience and new memories to e created or orse. i am betting on the earlier but made very preparation for the later. whatevr it is memories is a beautiful thing to recall, but just too good to live in..

*reminiscing about the happiness in the past can bring tears in the present and fear in the future*