Wednesday, July 14, 2010


today i decided to come to the faculty earlier than usual although my house is right in front of the fac.. dont really have any idea why but it just came to my mind that coming early might be a good idea since i was late for that particular lecturer's class twice and she is not happy with latecomers. so, i readied myself up and start my industrious journey to the place i will soon learn to love again.. my cute, humble and small faculty. as i arrived at the fac, i realised that a friend of mine was already there. as a friend, i went up the stairs and greeted her. she was surprised to see me and said that she has contacted me to tell me something important.. not to others but me.. she bumped into TOWER!!! WHAT?! dont tell me Tower is back.. man, how i miss the sight of that ever so tall Tower. but i said to her, maybe it is for the better that i did not bump into Tower. just as i was saying that, Tower walked pass the usual route he would use. OMG!! my knees were weak and i hardly able to stand. my heart pounded hard and i found it hard to catch my breath. man, you're good. Tower. No one ever succeed in making me wither like that before. and after that i could say my feelings were alleviated. and i smiled all the way through that rather treacherous class..

then, i decided to go and buy something for that stupid subject that i wish would never need to take it but that is just too good to be true. but OMG, i was lucky since i got to get on the free shuttle bus all the time. no money were paid except once in the main campus where i took a normal bus, but with my friend's bus pass (thank Dyds!) all expenses paid by not a single cent. and once i arrived there, to my horror, the lunch hour just began and i have to wait for at least an hour and a half.. luckily found a friend (thanks Teha) to talk to and fill in the wasted time. could i say something about the place that i have went to buy that particular stuff?? SAD and A BIG MESS!!.. i just cannot believe they handle formal meeting at a place like that. finally, the counter is opened and i get myself the stuff, which was a shirt and a cap.. HIDEOUS!! enough said..

finally, went back to the fac as i left everything here and need to see my friend to return his pass, i saw a familiar face with a twist. he is still the boy i knew from before but he has lost his famous messy LOCKS.. OMG!! locks as in hair, not keys.. and i just went to him and asked what happened to the hair and he replied "balik Umrah".. fine.. nothing else i could say..

so, today is so full of that particular phrase.. huhu..



MonMon said...

As the wise saying goes, early bird hits the tower~ XD