Saturday, July 10, 2010

i have seen a bit.. and it is not for me..

sometimes, the things that you see in just a short period of time can change your whole perspective about something. that is what i feel after spending a night with some of my friends and experience their way of life. a life i thought i wanted. but now, maybe not at all..

a life of free living, a life of no worries, a life of nothing but fun. a life where you can be who you really are, be with whoever you want and find people of the same 'interest'. a life where you never think about the future, only now and then. life that is for me , too good to be true.

as my friends were driving me back home, it came to my mind that this is not the life i wanted. i wanted something with more prospect. i want my life to be meaningful, not just wasted. i want to be more than just a waste of space on this world. go ahead if you do not want to take me there anymore, i am okie with it. it is just not the life i would imagine myself going. im going the other way, not that way. no offense, not that i am saying that life is bad (although from some point it is), but it is not for me. i serve a purpose in this world and i shall fulfill my purpose.

sorry people, not for me..



Nyna said...

May He guide you along your journey in reaching your destination. =)

spAn_kUrAk said...

like this one! :)

junior_sysco said...

nyna: thanks you..
span: i know.. haha