Sunday, March 15, 2009

bad things happen.. all in the same time..

aarrrggghh.. this week has been very hectic for me.. with a lot of work needed to be done and submitted.. im exhausted.. and as expected.. at this time.. fate just love to play with you.. suddenly technology turn their back on you.. and you tend to blame fate.. and it is against the rules in religion.. and at this time.. thousands of curses start to appear.. and people are being screamed at.. so sorry for that.. but i dont regret it.. i dont mind telling my thoughts to myself.. i just curse to myself.. not to others.. the one who should offended would be technology.. because.. i do get mad at technology.. but in the end.. we pull ourselves through and finish our work..
then, get involved in another work.. damn.. who would have thought talking can be very tiring.. especially if you do it from morning till late evening.. but it was rather enjoyable as you get to meet new people.. but i was also rather disappointed with the reality that i just figure out.. sad..
haaahh... everything is just a tiresome nowadays and i hardly reach the second decade of my life.. WTH..

*tired.. exhausted.. not resting*