Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Reflecting life through literature

Recently, I learned about one short story that for many is nothing important to them. They only learn it just to pass their examinations and so forth. But for me, this story brings a different meaning in my life. It somehow very connected to who I am. The loner. A person who has no one to talk to , so I settled to just observe the others and feel as if I am part of them. Through this story, it makes me realizes that life is not always be a bed of roses, it has its ups and downs, it is up to us how we face it. Sometimes, we feel like having a life like the people that we have observed. These are the people that we gave most attention to. Not because of covetousness, but just plain admiration. And it is funny how little details can turn our feeling. One thing that is interesting is without realizing it; we are not the only one who are observant. While we are busy observing others, there will also be others who observe us. During this time, we usually figure out something about ourselves. But sometimes, it is just us; the others might not be having the same thoughts. We might be thinking we have the right to be there, while the others may think of the opposite. And knowing the fact that we are not wanted is very painful and deep. It can turn us down completely. It can make us thinks that life is cruel and there is no point of continuing it. But maybe, just maybe, there are people who might be concerned about us. Sometimes, being criticized by others also can be very hurtful, especially for the things that you love so much. But just bear in mind, what others think of you is not important as long as you know what you do is right. It is alright to cry sometimes, to treat your sorrow, but never went too far for it.

Let just read and try to reflect the story with yourself

Don’t just read, get into the story

Then, no story is a boring story anymore

*feeling accompanied*


Zouq said...

missing ur writing la..write more then. crave for psycotic words in this post