Monday, March 30, 2009

no title...

yup.. i have no title for this post.. it is just one of my expression that could be in a lot of topic.. it could be about love.. hate.. life.. work.. stress.. unsure.. it can be anything.. it is up to you to decide..
recently, i've been hanging out with a.j, my friend and also fellow blogger more than we usually do.. maybe i found him to be the most trustworthy at this time.. then, i have been acting very cold to someone because i could not stand the betrayal that person had done to me.. it is rather unacceptable.. recently, someone has started becoming closer to me.. for god sake knows why.. maybe he could not find company in others.. but im not a very nice person and seriously.. i felt annoyed by his behaviour.. then, the number of assignments do not seem to go down.. instead, keep on piling up till a level that are too scary and i sometimes question my capability.. my results have been below par.. im scared.. i want to be good.. i dont want to be average.. i want to be superior.. not inferior.. i hate this part.. somehow, right now, im feeling rather irritated towards one thing that was my favourite things to do.. acting.. it just doesn't seem to be fun anymore.. hah.. i dunno how to react to this matter.. it is around two more weeks.. and that is it.. no more.. end of asasi Tesl batch july2008/2009.. my life woul be different again.. i will start anew somewhere..

*thinking of past, present and future*


Ariff Dean said...

sheesh sai :)

Rayyan Haries Ean Rael@ Park Ha Ki said...

i'll be there 4 u!!!!!

Anonymous said...

thats sweet of u to think im trustworthy
thanks u
= )
and about that person..
sometimes.. uve gt to get used to it u knw..
thse ppl will always appear in ur life..
so uve got to learn how to deal with them