Friday, March 20, 2009

My name is Paris..

i know this may sound weird and a corny.. some may even thinks that im a snob who thinks highly of myself.. but then again i just realised that i act like most people with the name of Paris.. for instance, my friends know me for my Paris Hilton's behaviour.. you know the i dont care about others.. it's all about me kind of behaviour.. then im also super competitive and i could never admit defeat.. i stressed myself out, just because of something trivial.. got into crappy relationship.. just like Paris from Gilmore Girls..

there you see.. im a Paris.. huhu.. sad..

*depression rising*


Lin O said...

would it bother u if i called u Paris then?

Ariff Dean said...

panggil sudeyh~
he's not going to be bothered even a bit
he simply don't care
dh besa kna pnggl amanda bynes dh dulu2 kua3

sysco said...

just call me..
i wont get bothered..
some has started calling me that..

aj_hadzmy said...

omg.. ur so not paris...
ur more like errr...

ok.... marilyn monroe... hahahahahaa

sysco said...

i never know that i am that beautiful..

aj_hadzmy said...

hahha.. stop being so vain u ppl stealer of other ppl's couple u!!!