Tuesday, March 10, 2009

hate..love..what else can people give me?

recently, something come up to my senses.. im hated by some members of the 'G' community.. the 'b' especially.. for who knows why.. they just hate me from the first time they see me.. and it is happening everywhere.. not only in my hometown.. but also the place im living now.. weird.. and most of them.. we hardly even met one another before.. they just know they have to hate me.. what in the..
different story.. im also being loved by some of the 'G' community.. the 't' then.. hehe.. maybe that the whole reason why the 'b's are hating me.. competition then.. but let them be.. they wont do any harm to me at all.. hahaha..

huhu.. gimme more..

*accepting fate*


Ariff Dean said...

alphabets alphabets

Zouq said...

I can give u something.....group assignment
isn't zat enough???