Tuesday, March 17, 2009

people says..

Hmmm.. nowadays.. i hardly find anytime to spend to write something in my blog.. usually.. im just plain busy.. with assignments and work need to be done.. before the deadline.. everything is just too much.. but then again.. as a student.. im not supposed to complain.. just do it.. and all these have pile up pressures in me.. not pressure in the sense of how many pascal or gravity but.. stress.. yup.. stress.. nowadays, sleep is very hard to attain.. and once attained it is not easy to get up.. anger is easily triggered.. without notice and for very minor stuff.. some of them even say they could sense the stress even by just looking at my face.. really?.. im so sorry about that.. life is just not going very smoothly for me right now.. but, there is more to life than just pathetic stress.. a lot more can be done.. so, dont let the stress control yourself.. have fun..

*not being so serious*


Lin O said...

beautifully laid out, TURN STRESS INTO F U N!

believe me ure the 100th or so TESLian to complain bout our workload now.

in a way, i kinda see all our assignments rather amusing, fun and simply mind-twisting! n thts the beauty of it :D

so chill out saisai! ;D