Sunday, March 22, 2009

browsing through blogs..

hmm.. recently i have came out with new found interest.. visiting other people blogs and see what they have to write about themselves.. and i never thought that i could find so much fun doing it.. some stories, im able to relate them to my own life.. some are just inspiring.. some are just plain expressions from their heart.. and i sometimes realised that my blog is way shorter compared to the others.. maybe i keep a lot to myself.. or i just dont know what to write.. i somehow feel very small in this blogging world.. but hey.. im still new to this.. so, there are still time for me to learn how to blog nicely.. to other bloggers.. i really appreciate if u guys could comment on the way im handling my blog.. every review is worthy.. that is all for now..




Lin O said...

hey2 paris!
i'm not THAT experienced but i can give a tip or two. the first rule bout blogging is: POUR YOUR HEART OUT!

haha! sometimes ppl think sumthngs r too private, but then again, what fun is there readin bout "the guy" or "the other girl", right? (eventho i do it too. lol!)

out of my 2yrs experience of blogging, all i cn say is, its YOUR way of writing, NO stinking formats, and best of all, NO GRADING! haha. have fun blogging Paris my dear! :p

sysco said...

thanks so much, lin..
okie.. i'll take that..