Friday, April 24, 2009

hate the way you make me feel..

yesterday was someone's birthday.. we used to be an item.. but the relationship has ended.. so, i took no hardship to be the earliest to wish him happy birthday.. in fact.. i was among the last to wish him that.. so, late evening yesterday (around 5 something), i called him and wish him happy birthday.. and that was just the beginning.. he answered the phone with a very weird manner.. he was asking why i did not call him during the midnight.. he was asking why i am not the first person to wish him.. he was waiting for my call that night.. i was stunned.. he make me feel guilty.. how i hate that.. he was bombarding me with questions.. then, i said to him.. we are no longer one.. and he has someone else now.. he came to a long pause.. soon, he started talking about his birthday celebration.. how they pranked him.. covered him in slimy eggs, powdery flour and red rose syrup.. he became his own birthday cake.. i listened to it rather attentively.. but my mind is bothered by his questions.. why must you asked those questions to your ex?.. it just plain mind boggling..

it caused me to have a very bad depression yesterday.. i went to have my dinner alone.. sitting alone in the tv room.. listening to songs that reminded me of our previous relationship.. even my friends looked at me weirdly last night.. and later, when they wanted to study for today's exam.. i started being very active and crazy.. and my friends realised about that.. i tried asking them on that but all i got was weird answers that do not linked to the question at all.. then.. weird thoughts started streaming down.. i even made joke of someone just to make myself happy again.. and i started feeling happy again because crazy thoughts are apart of me.. and i have regained my conciousness if i started having weird and crazy thoughts again.. what a relief to know that.. but the fact that he asked me all those questions still bothers me.. maybe i'll talk to him..

*is he still into me?*
*Gravity - Sara Bareilles*


Hunkiecrush said...

saiiii rilek lol.
maybe he's too happy he wants oters to feel
guilty for not trying hard to make him happy.
just like what i always do.
hahaaha. its just human nature ok
u dont take thingss siyeshly.
maybe he was jusy curios. who knows?

Anonymous said...

sai... ppl are like that...
when they miss someone thats dear to them, they tend to tell u everything, even if it doesnt make sense..

the hardest most hardest thing about life is.. definitely, moving on...
entering that transitional period from the old to the new and mysterious is definitely tough..

but its the thing we have to constantly do.. it happens to us everytime, even when we do not realize it..

sai.. its time for u, and i.. to move on...

= )

sysco said...

i know.. thanks for the advice guys.. i've known that truth now.. yup.. it's time for us to move on..