Friday, April 10, 2009

is this the end??

hah.. i've just done my final test before the actual final exam here.. that means.. my study here is about to come to an end.. is this for real?? sometimes i wonder.. it has been a lot since i first come here.. i have made friends.. lose some of them.. have awkward relationship with some.. study together.. face hardships together.. doing my work till late night due to procrastination.. feeling envious towards others results.. striving to look the best in front of all lecturers.. and many more.. is about to end soon.. very soon.. im rather sad when i think about this.. besides.. i still have certain issues here unresolved.. should i resolved them first.. or just let it be?? i will decide on that later.. for now.. i just want to taste the newly achived freedom.. before the final exam.. about my drama assessment.. i think i did good.. hope the judges think so.. hah.. i still cant believe this is happening..



Hunkiecrush said...

ahahaha. its sad but to think that
we're going to sit for medsi i think
medsi is heavier than these. ;k

and not to forget the stoopid
interview by those stoopid pepul. ;k

sysco said...

yeah.. that is heavier..

hey.. they wont be interviewing if they are stoopid..