Wednesday, April 8, 2009

of emotion and experience..

huhu.. today, after my drama class.. dydy (my class rep) decided to make everyone stay in the class.. and give their speech.. it is like the final speech of the semester.. to all groupmates.. my family.. so, we all give our spontaneous speech.. some speech has implied meaning that need to be really examined in order to find its meanings.. while some are very straight forward.. some problems and questions are answered and some lash out what have been kept inside their heart for so long.. for some.. this might mean the usual goodbye speech.. as for some, these speeches have enlighten their life and let them know the actual feelings of their friends.. as for me.. i just kept on apoligising to all my friends and also to some others.. so sorry to my friends as i did not mention their names as i dont dare to rank them.. they are all to close to me and i shall never break their hearts by ranking them.. you guys are the greatest gift in my life.. thanks for the whole experience..