Friday, April 3, 2009

im feeling enlighted..

last night.. i went to bed with all these questions and depressions puzzling me.. i stare at the fan.. watch it turn around and around.. thinking about what had been bothering me these while.. only then it comes to my senses that it would not be depressing if i dont really think about it.. why am i thinking about it?? i question myself.. is it because i care and trying to find the best solution about the matters or i was just confused.. i cant really answer that.. but.. i have made up my mind.. not to think about those problems anymore.. i deserve to have a better life.. just like everyone else.. i will now think less and have more fun.. yes.. that is what im supposed to do since before.. so what.. if you so called friend b***hing around.. then, let the b***h alone.. that's it.. dont try to find issues with that person.. some are just born with that attitude.. let them be.. i just could not be bothered.. these people do not deserve anyone as friends..

*rather healed*
*Chasing Pavement- Adele*


Ariff Dean said...

hooo yeah
jgn pasang lagu chasing pavement tuh lg sudahlaa~ lalalala