Tuesday, April 21, 2009

of tests and exams..

hmm.. recently, i've went through a lot of tests and exams.. it first started with Medsi, then the finals.. which was rather tough.. Medsi is a personality test which i've done with honesty and a pinch of hypocrisy.. well, sometimes, we need to lie in order to survive (there was even a question about whether have you ever lied before in your life).. hehe.. let just hope im shortlisted for the interview..

then, there was the finals.. the first two papers have passed.. and luckily so far, things seem to be good.. in my opinion la.. let just hope the lecturers think like that too.. then, it would be a pleasure.. fuhh.. tomorrow, 2 of the most contradict subjects will be tested.. grammar and literature.. one is so rigid while the other is so flexible.. hmm.. hope i will do well in both.. i need to..

for god ske knows why.. this semester has been harder than the previous one.. or is it me who stumbled and choked a lot this sem?.. i have no answer for that.. with the rise of the new contenders freaks me out.. suddenly my competition is way harder than before.. hate the competition but it drives me to work harder.. which is good.. but bad.. im indecisive about it.. but as long as i keep doing well in my studies.. i dont think i have to worry.. i supposed..

*i hate and love competition*