Monday, April 13, 2009

is this the end? part 2..

so, the final drama finally ends.. congrats to the teams which had won that nite.. especially doraemon.. u guys rocks... although my group did not win anything.. i dont really care.. this is all for fun.. dont take things too hard.. then.. u will lose all the fun.. but again.. congrats.. to group B also.. u guys are great actors.. that is all about drama.. i dont want to talk about this anymore.. on behalf of group A.. im so sorry to the others as some of them just got nasty mouths and dont know how to control them..

about reaching the end of the study here.. yeah, it is sad..especially after reading a lot of others' blog who wrote about this too.. yeah, i will surely miss this place and all of you guys.. you guys have teach me a lot about life.. love.. relationship.. friendship.. betrayal.. hatred.. agony.. pleasure.. and many more emotion.. my life here would be very dull and boring without you guys.. i will surely miss all the lectures with my lecturers.. and their pep talk.. they are great people.. they inspire people around them..

to my friends.. you guys complete me.. without you guys im nothing.. thanks for listening and sharing all my problems and giving me advices.. that really helps.. besides that, hearing you guys' stories make me feel like there is more to life than just me.. im not alone.. thanks for all the things..

this is to someone.. i just hope you realised what is your mistake and come to your senses.. i wont tell you what it is but realise it yourself.. im not someone who thinks that i know it all.. i know my limitation.. think deeply why im going away.. and believe me.. im not the only one..

that is it.. this might be the end of my asasi life.. here.. with you guys.. i will cherish this moment.. forever in my life..



Lin O said...

geez thx saii. it was such a bummer i didnt get to see ur play tho. cant believe i missed AMENDE JE LAH! hahaha!

neways, very true. im gonna miss paris too. :')
our times here wasn't just a phase tht passes by in ur life; it was a life changing moment.

So jgn lupe amek gmbr byk2 n jgn lupe kn i k! xD

Anonymous said...

i love u sai!!!!!

thnks fr all the 'teman-teman-ing' and i really hope we cud meet each other again...

im really gonna miss u sai... thnks fr being such a great fren k??

= )

Hunkiecrush said...

hehe thanks. :p
i was backstage during ur play
and the only thing that made me stop was
to listen to what u said.
HAHAHAHAHA. fairy god father.
thats so tranny. :p