Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Copycats and shadows.. beware of them

This is one issue that haunts many of us.. especially if we are famous.. although im not.. no matter what field are you in.. as long as you are famous and grab all the attention, there is a tendency for some to copy your way.. or just live under your shadow.. in hope of getting the same attention or credits like you.. this group of people can be only a single person or a group.. or should I call them wannabes.. they will copy everything.. your style, your way of talking, your perspectives and even your friends.. sometimes, even ringtones of the phone.. say what people.. this at first may seems harmless.. but later in time, the copycats will get to you.. they will somehow take over your world.. they will make themselves look and feel better than you.. if not, they will be your shadow.. and this is worse.. since everyone will talk about the copycat every time you are in the scene.. and it is just plain annoying.. and let me tell you one thing about copycats and shadows.. they are good at asking and begging for sympathies..
For me, their nothing but pathetic creatures.. who do not own their own life and wanted others.. why don’t they make their life meaningful by creating own style than copy others.. because in the end, they are nothing.. they are just the new edition of the one they copied.. the point of existence does not present in them.. at all.. as for shadows.. stop following around.. get a grip to yourselves because in the end.. you are nothing without your “patron”.. find yourselves and love it.. don’t live in the darkness anymore..

*get a grip people*