Wednesday, December 23, 2009

to marry or not?

recently, while eating with my family members.. a case of marriage was sudddenly arisen out of nowhere.. and i accidentally spurt out that im not intending to get married plan in front of my mom, aunts and sisters due to the responsibilities that a husband holds which was overbearing for me.. although my mom did not say it directly, but i can see it in her face.. she was somehow disappointed with my point of view.. sorry ma, never meant to hurt you but that is just what im feeling.. according to the religion, husbands hold the responsibility of taking care of the wellbeing of the family.. and the wife is just raise the children with help from the husband.. that means chores go under the job of husband.. and if the husband is capable, he should hire a helper to assist the wife in doing houseworks.. because of that, i start seeing marriage as a big burden to men.. but, i do have plan i marrying someday in he future.. maybe because of love or just continuity of mankind.. but will i handle the burden nicely.. I dunno..

*still not wanting to marry*


Nicca Vontiya said...

Normal la klu u fikir macam tu buat masa ni... bila tiba masa, i mean in future nanti, baru u akan fikir pasl tu seriously... =}

Sysco said...

actually i mmg plan nk kawin, but maybe when i dh satisfied with my life and im capable of menanggung ank org..