Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tuition= Success?

So, a few days ago was the day where those who have taken the PMR examination finally get their results.. some go home with tears of joy.. while some with disappointment.. some just don’t care and has already start planning for next year schooling term.. whatever your results are, I would like to congratulate all of you.. you have done your best and that is what you should get.. no points of regretting.. although me myself did not really follow my own advice ( I wept for a whole week for getting a B in my result).. life goes on after that..

One issue that has got me into writing this is extra emphasis that has been put on tuition as a factor for success.. it is up to an extent where for some, not being able to go to tuition centre has been a great disappointment.. it really bothers me as I am a student who never went for any tuition centre and still got a result that can be proud of.. although it is not extraordinary, but it is enough to please me.. I did get an offer to study abroad, which I turned down due to passion.. I have a friend who did not go for any tuition and still manage to come out with flying colours and currently pursuing his studies in prestigious tertiary education centre in Australia..

Tuition is not the reason for success.. it is just a catalyst but if you work hard enough, or smart enough, you could always achieve success just like others who went for tuition.. remember, in scientific reaction, reaction still occur even without catalyst.. only it takes a longer time.. to increase the reaction time, just put more chemical in it or put a catalyst.. the chemical here metaphorically represent your effort.. put more effort, and you are just the same.. so, get rid of those thoughts that if you have tuition, you will succeed, and if you don’t, you’ll not going to be as good.. tuition just help, the main factor is you..

*this thing has stuck in my mind for ages*