Thursday, December 10, 2009

suppressed feeling..

sometimes, when we want to express out our feeling or opinion on something or somebody.. we tend to suppress the thought.. since it might hurt other people or make them feel offended.. so, we chose to hurt ourselves than hurt others.. and this suppressed emotion later accumulated in deep in our heart and soon, it will filled our heart with sorrow and discontentment.. and we start giving up on things.. that is what im facing right now.. when i have something to say, but when i see those faces, i dare not say.. all the words remained in my mind.. never let out.. and now, i has start giving up.. i did not response when people asked me.. i dare not.. since i has loss the ability to talk my mind and heart out.. i care for others so much until i neglected myself.. and now, i might neglect others too.. i need courage in me.. the thing that give me the push to go on another day.. to live my life.. to cherish every moment.. but, all i got right now is fear and reluctance.. please, hlep me get the old me again.. the one with smile on his lips and idea and stories to share.. for the mean time.. im just this reserved, terrified little creature..



watip said...

i understand u.we suddenly suffer from major lack of confidence.