Sunday, December 27, 2009

This is about Them..

This post is meant for those who had came in my life.. and teach me a thing or two about life.. and love.. this post is written to say the unspoken words that I never say when I was with them.. I just want to write this just to share with others about how they have helped me into becoming the person I am today..

First up, the first 4 in my life..

K- you taught me the most important game in life, that is love.. you were my first love.. you show me how great life can be when you have someone to hold, someone who understands you, someone who love you.. you also teach me the most painful lesson in my life, that is facing betrayal and infidelity.. nevertheless, you show me life is not always a bed of roses, but it can be full of sharp thorns along the way..

S- you show me how a sweetest thing can be the hardest thing to handle in life.. you make me do the unthinkable and go beyond my limitations.. you have shown me that life is fun and I should not restrict myself too much.. anyway, I have to let you go for our own good.. there are things more important than love dear.

I- one lesson that you have taught me is that love can be forced.. im sorry I never get to know you well but Im just not meant for you.. no matter how hard you push it, I don’t want to go far..

J- firstly, I must say I never love another girl like I love you.. you show me love exceed any boundary.. you gave me the biggest heartache I ever felt in my life to date.. you even shaped my decision.. you teach me that sometimes, the ultimate love act is to let go the one you love the most for his or her happiness..

Then, my life took a different route.. I was introduced to another world that is full of uncertainty and jealousy.. not forgetting backstabbing and stealing.. but it is not all too bad.. it also teach me about the freedom of choice.. choosing something so wrong and making it right in our own senses..

The next 5..

Am- you show me love can happen if you really try.. you were my friend since forever and finally you got me.. and you are the hardest for me to let go.. you made something so wrong look so right.. you changed my perspective.. you changed who I am.. you create the new me.. although I refuse you at first, finally I realized, I want you more than anything else.. you were my friend, partner and lover.. you made me accept things that I used to keep a distance from.. you made me sacrifice everything just for you.. you set the benchmark for the people who came later.. you are the reason for most of my tears.. let it be joy or sadness.. you complete me.. but I have to let you go.. we know it from the beginning it was never do or die..

Kimi- you taught me one thing, I could be a relationship destroyer.. I was the third person in your relationship.. although I love you as much as you love me, I have to let you go for my principle is firmer than my love for you.. I shall never be the third person in a relationship that is true as mine is as vague as an image in morning fog..

Kh- one thing that reminded me of you is trust.. trust is the fundamental of a relationship.. without trust, no relationship could last since you were full of doubt.. besides, trust in yourself is also important because you can’t trust others when you did not trust yourself..

***- just one word for you.. confusion.. for most of the time.. I never know what am
I to you.. sometime you treat me as if im the most important person.. but sometimes you don’t want to be associated to me at all.. until now, sometimes I wonder what was I to you..

SA- the wait for me was so meaningful.. and everything that you have done for me is the most beautiful thing a person have done to me.. sorry I never put all this in words.. sorry for the bad treatment I gave you all the time we were together.. you were my comfort, my crying shoulder.. the person who understands me inside out.. willing to trouble yourself as long as im happy.. im glad I have you before.. and your voice will always be in my mind..

These are the people who had been in my life and make me who I am today.. more to be in the list later in life but maybe the list stops here.. nobody knows about it.. only Him..

*wow ex-es*