Saturday, August 8, 2009

about me..

hmm.. nowadays, i have being having one of the weirdest problem of all.. exposing my secrets by accident.. although for some it might be okie.. but for me it means more than that.. it is about my openness with the others.. maybe i think it is the time for me to start sharing my experiences in life before.. my life was destroyed before.. and i think im somehow doing some charity by sharing it with others.. although charitable was never one of my virtue since before.. for some, sharing their dark past is quite embarrassing especially if it is full of nasty things you have done before.. but for me let just share it so that it could stray the others from going to it.. im done being a goodie two shoes.. it is just tiring to be someone you are not.. and somehow still have your dignity and morale with you all the time..


Ariff Dean said...

ur fine as u are sai
dun worry