Thursday, August 20, 2009

Love is in the air..

Seriously.. love is in the air.. mostly everyone is in love.. and it is a good sign.. really?? I cant say for sure.. for those who are in love.. it might be good for them.. for the singles.. just like yours truly.. it is sugar and spice combined together.. I feel the sweetness of love that those people are having while feeling the hotness of envy from my ever aching heart.. lol.. lame of me.. and what is worse than just see ur friends in love?? It is keep them company to go anywhere.. arghh.. the envy is killing me slowly.. and looking at the affection between these couples kills me inside and make me think more of why am I alone.. and finding out my other friends who never came out with love rumors suddenly admit he/she is taken kills me even more.. and somehow make me think.. has my time to feel love again has passed.. and I shall now live in solitary.. okie.. that sound a bit pessimistic.. haha.. lame of me again.. seriously.. I never thought being out of love could be this depressing.. although I am interested in starting a new relationship.. but revising through my past experiences.. im scared I might break another heart due to my ignorant and care-less behavior.. I don’t really understand others.. but love is worth trying rite?? Will I commit to love again.. I have no answer for that..

*miss being loved and to love someone*