Friday, August 21, 2009

as the time goes..

hmm.. looks like it's ramadan again.. a month full of blessing for those who seek for it.. as for me.. this will be the month i leave almost all my bad habit and try to be a new person.. in this month also.. i hope i could find happiness and peace that i've been longing for ages.. it has left me for quite sometime.. and this s the time to get things organised.. dont let external factors meddle with my mind anymore.. which i really hope i could do.. i have a few assignment that are needed to be done in this coming weeks and yet.. i still haven't done any.. lol.. that is lame of me.. should have done it earlier.. haha.. and my trust is gaining on people.. i've become less skeptic.. which is good.. living in paranoia is bad.. you think everyone is bad.. it kills you.. then, just when i thought i could fall for someone.. hmm, nope.. i cant do it.. that person is somehow taken.. fine, im okie with it.. besides, i never planned to make the first move.. i just like to see.. not to have.. for now.. my mind is more stable.. i just think about work and work.. no more about life.. im fine with being solitary.. such denial words.. haha..

*follow the flow*


PAJID said...

in denial?

in advance. ngee