Wednesday, August 5, 2009

it never rain.. it pours..

huhu.. looking at the title might make you think that im going to talk about the ever changing weather.. but nope.. it is about misfortune.. can you just imagine it starts as early as 8.00 in the morning.. okie.. i was having a sausage bun which was filled with ketchup and mayonnaise.. and someone came and approach my friend who was next to me.. and he greeted me to.. and i think i gave him some of my ketchup to his palm.. lol.. bad me.. then, i realised that there were spots of ketchup on my shirt.. s**t, why must it be there.. so i went to the toilet to clean it up.. and again.. somebody accidentally press the soap dispenser too hard until the soap spurts all over my back.. say what!! and my day was yet to start and these doesnt looked good.. luckily there was my jacket.. my baby nescafe as being called by my friends.. so, it becomes my shirt of the day.. then, the class starts and what i get was only confusions and more confusion.. i dont get what my instructor wants.. nobody is perfect in his eyes.. then, i move on to the next class.. major catastrophe.. i accidentally spurt one of the biggest secret about me to the rest of my classmates and it somehow brings horror to my lecturer.. and everyone else who doesnt know me.. my friends were saying you had kantoi.. big time this time.. i was flushed.. my face was red.. im ashamed.. felt like dying that instant.. and names starts coming out from my friends' mouth.. haish.. and i had to endure it for the whole day.. how am i going to face my classmates and lecturer later.. AAAAHHHHH.. MALU SIOT...

*embarrassed to the limit*