Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010.. may it brings new hope and success.. and clarity..

finally, 2009 is over.. now, we have entered 2010.. a new year.. a beginning of a new decade.. let us talk about what has happened in 2009 since it has changed me a lot.. im no longer the person whom i used to be.. i have made a lot of changes in myself.. without realising any.. it has thought me love and pain.. friendship and betrayal.. success and failure.. and most of all.. the point of my existence.. that is to serve my role as a human.. bye bye 2009.. the journey and experience in you has helped me a lot.. or not.. im uncertain about it..

for this new year, i wanted more than anything else is more success and happiness to come in my way.. and i want to find something that can finally bring peace in me.. to soothe the fire in my heart and finally let me live in peace.. anyway, let just wait and see what this year has store for me.. Hello 2010..



watip said...

happy new year sai! <3