Thursday, April 8, 2010

1st time.. and i broke something..

hahaha, today was a fun day.. although it started rather gloomy since we were given the slap of reality by one of my lecturer.. concerning a course and the way we have gone too.. we are going for worst instead of better.. scary.. then, still sad for the loss of my beloved pendrive which contains all my hardwork.. huhu.. i dont know whether i could find it anymore.. huhu, now, i need to start everything from scratch.. but this can be done.. i believe in myself..

back to the title.. i played bowling for the first time in my life.. yup, for almost two decade of my life, not once have i played bowling.. and i finally broke it today.. it was easier than what i have thought of it.. the ball was not THAT heavy although it is heavy nonetheless.. the first time i throw the ball, and it glides and finally hits the pins, i was happy.. hey, it was my first time.. haha, but by the second throw, i started feeling weird as i felt a rush of pain on my thumb.. huhu, i broke a nail.. say what?? i broke a nail due to bowling.. and the worst is that it started bleeding by the fourth throw.. but i did not stop me from playing.. i put on plasters (yup, two of them) and continued playing.. haha.. all the pain was covered by the fun.. although my hand was literally shaking..

another thing that happened was on the way to the mall.. there was a time where my friend wanted to sit on a seat next to a girl.. she just gave instruction to the girl to move aside as if she was worthless.. only later that she realised what she had done.. haha, you think you're the diva? guess what? LATER!!

that is all for now...