Sunday, April 25, 2010

You still listen and attend to my stories..

You used to be someone special to me. But before that happened, you were my comfort. I still remember the first time we went out together as so called special friend and I met up with my ex, how you comforted me and defended me in front of my ex, although we finally ended up being friends. But still, my happiness was always your main priority. But then we got into special relationship. And I should say I love you for who you are, not for how you look because I have to choose between you or another hotter person. It’s your personality and behavior that grabbed my heart and finally become one with you. However it did not last long and we broke up. You made me cried in public :(

However, the main thing here is, post breakup and you still listen to my stories and problems. You were also always ready to give me the comfort like you used to give me back when we were 17 and 20. You even lean a shoulder to me to cry on (literally on webcam, silly you) even though you are thousand miles away in Aussie. Gosh, you are like a sibling I never had in my life. Hell yeah, I miss you.

You make me feel safe knowing you are always behind me no matter what happened to me. You are the best person I’ve known who could handle me on my worst day and still love me all the way. Seriously, leaving you was a mistake but at least we are still friends and I just like the way we are now. Sometimes, we are destined to be friends than to be partners. Love ya so much. There are always reasons behind everything that happened. Haha, your favourite line..

*glad that you’re here although far away*


Anonymous said...

somehow i would see myself doing the same thing in the future. haha.

Sysco said...

haha, maybe aj, seriously, i was relieved talking to the person..