Sunday, April 18, 2010

many of the things that i do not know..

lately, i have learnt a lot in life.. especially things revolving around me.. about the people around me.. about issues around..everything around me.. well, it is never too late to learn anything right?? anyway, here are my stories..

i used to hate, no that is too harsh, dislike this one person.. i dont think that he is good enough for my friend.. i am like a mother.. i always hate my friends' partners, i see them like a mother sees the about to be child-in-law.. back to the stories, i used to hate this partner of my friend for quite some time.. due to his behaviour and how he treated my friend.. but, lately, been seeing him and getting to know him.. i just realised that he is not that bad.. kinda nice actually.. but the most important thing is he made my friend feels happy.. so, im okie with him now.. then, there is this another guy who is currently dating another friend of mine.. seriously, i dont like him.. and to know things from my other friends about him made me hate him more.. damn.. i wish that particular friend of mine get to know this before it is too late..

then, that day i was on the way to my home, i saw a grafitti.. okie, that is usual.. but the content is shocking.. it writes " Malaysia suffers because of independence from Britain".. i was shocked!! whatta.. some people think it is better to be colonialised that being free.. lame.. seriously.. huhu.. they rather being ruled by those who have no knowledge over them than building the country based on their own mould.. Gosh, people, you should lived in prison than.. there is no need for decision making there..

anyway, those are what i've learn lately.. i hope to learn is an on-going education, isn't it..