Saturday, April 24, 2010

When you are no longer there, you took my heart away too..

I used to say, you meant nothing to me. I don’t like you. You are just another person at the same place as I am. Your presence does not excite me. And many more words just to show how insignificant are you in my life. It was all a lie. Only now that I realised about it. I thought the feeling for you really died. Well, I guess it is not. It is still so strong.

Now, going to the faculty is a dread for me. Since I know there will no chance for us to meet one another anymore. Although we never talked to one another, but just seeing you is enough to make me happy. I never knew you were of such importance in my life. Gosh, it has been a while since someone make me like this. And you, yes you, the one who never knew me and the one I admire from distance and sometimes from near, is the one that make me feel this way again. You just don’t know how much I need you.

Your presence is the one I look for every time I am at the faculty. The sight of you would be the greatest vista for me. And you were the reason for my presence there too. Now that you are no longer there, there is no reason for me to be there. It is like taking the sun away from my sky. Faculty looked like a gloomy place for me now without your presence. If before it was my safe haven, now it is nothing but just a few buildings that provide me a place to study and sit for examination. It is no longer the place of excitement, of great emotion and of course, of love. You make all this possible. Seriously, you have such a great impact in my life, without even knowing it and even knowing me.

How I wished I have a chance to talk to you and just say everything that is in my heart to you. But I am too timid to do so since you are just too far from me. Not physically but emotionally. We came from different worlds and our worlds hardly collide with one another. Besides, it will be so wrong if I do that since it is against every rule to do such action. But the feeling for you is just too strong and sometimes it is unbearable.

I know you know about how happy I am every time we met each other. You could see the glow in my eyes. But of course you could not do anything about it, since we never know each other. But seriously, most of the smiles that I carved at the faculty are related to you. You are my shining sun, higher than any knight in shining armor; you are the tower that kept me safe with warmth and happiness inside.

That is you to me, Tower, that will be the name I would call you now. You are more than just another crush for me. You are The Crush of my life to date. Never have I had such strong feeling towards someone like I have for you. If only you know how much you meant in my life. Now that you are no longer here in the faculty, you took my heart away with you…

*missing and demotivated*


yUKi said...

this is just soooo sweet n cute n toooo sad! n it must have hurt, i hope u're okay =(