Wednesday, April 7, 2010

of seeing you and feeling nothing..

okie, now, i am going to talk about my emotion.. i know i promised not to talk about this but come to think again, this was the basis of my blog and changing this means changing the whole reason i started blogging.. so, my blog is all about my emotion and let me just say, it is a rocky and unstable one.. huhu..

so, remember i keep saying that i have a crush on two people at one time.. mostly not because of look although i have to admit that they are HOT!! okie, can you say that Edward Cullen is not hot?? NO! and can you say a rich boy with fair skin and that arrogant yet mysterious look is not sexy and hot? NO AGAIN!.. haha.. well, let me just say that my feelings for them has lessen down to the limit that i could missed them even when they were walking right next to me.. if not, i would go Gaga if they even come to sight.. now, i just see them as another person continuing their study at the same place as i am..

okie, i felt nothing now when i see them.. and i was like questioning myself why did this happened.. i may be changing for the better.. i hope.. at least im going the right way, am i?? i am going to get rid of all the label that people used to give to me.. i will go against all those labels.. i am a new person.. i chose to reborn.. into a new person...



MonMon said...

i 'like'!! hee... ;)