Thursday, April 1, 2010

PEN.. is all I want..

just got back from Low Yat plaza. went there with two purpose; first, sending my friend’s Macbook for repair and second, have fun with PEN.. oh, Pen is actually a camera from Olympus. has been wanting it since forever but just don’t have the privilege of money to have one.. huhu. so sad.. but who cares.. if you cant have it, doesn’t mean you can’t play with it.. hey, we are customer, they supposed to entertain us okie.. :)

then, after sending my friend’s Macbook, we went straight to the booth which previews the PEN.. OMG, there it is.. one of the most magnificent piece on earth.. i was speechless when i saw it.. i want it.. badly.. and the sight of it is just amazing.. then, i touched it.. Gosh, so close yet so far.. exploring the functions has done nothing but killing me inside, slowly as it amazed me with what it can do.. but, i can’t have it.. huhu.. maybe later, but not now.. economy is at its lowest in Psy’s kingdom..

well, after playing with it and given tutorial by the shopkeeper, i am more determined to have one than before.. PEN, i will have you someday.. although you going to cost me quite a fortune..

here is the pic of it.. behold its magnificence..

PEN E-PL1.. want it so bad..