Friday, February 27, 2009

am i not fit to be #1 in people's lives?

am i just unlucky or what?? every time i fall for someone.. it is either the person does not notice me or the person has someone else.. im irritated by this fact.. care less about who ever i fall for this time.. the same thing just happens.. this time, i figured out accidentally that person has someone in *** life already.. but the person is just loving.. how i love the person.. but it is against my principle to go for someone's someone.. so, i leave the person.. although it is hard for both of us..
this has not been the first time in my life.. in fact, it is already the fifth time.. they just look at me and ask to be in relationship.. but i'll be second.. next to another person they already had.. im hurted and sick of all these things.. am i not worthy of being no 1 in anyone's heart?? am i always be other people scandals instead of spouse or partner?? sometimes.. i just want to feel how it is like to be no 1 in people's heart..

will i ever be no 1 in someone's heart??
i dont want to think about it..



Rayyan Haries Ean Rael@ Park Ha Ki said...

salam sai,

true love will come one fine day.....

don't worry.....maybe that person is not suitable for you......

rainbow will appear after the rain,
same goes to happiness come's after sadness...