Saturday, February 21, 2009

a night to remember

Okie.. when you guys first read the title.. don’t get me wrong ok.. it got nothing to do with any romance scene or whatsoever.. it is about a field trip to watch a theater.. PGL the musical to be exact.. when I first heard about the news, I was so happy and excited.. well, most probably because the tickets are rather difficult to get and the great reviews that the show has received in the past.. besides.. news about new twist and improvement from the previous to season also excite me.. so, we went there.. haahh.. being in istana budaya for the first time is just indescribable.. this is the place where most great art piece being staged.. then.. some took the chance to snap pictures around.. among friends, family.. some even get to know with people they never talk to and try to talk about new relationship maybe?.. hehe.. oh, not to forget.. the attires.. OMG.. some really put EXTRA amount of effort to look magnificent.. and most of them did.. im not in the list I think.. mine was average.. average style for average guy.. then, we get in.. after some time, the show starts.. the grand feeling and atmosphere can be felt once the show commenced.. then, the story moves on.. okie. The first few parts was not really to my fancies as im not a lovey-dovey person.. but the emotion was strong.. I even almost burst into tears when they played the songs.. it is just plain heavenly.. the lyrics touches my heart.. hehe.. lame guy(referring to myself).. then, it goes on until there was and intermission.. while most go and grab themselves some refreshment.. I choose to what else.. Cam-whoring of course.. that was the shortest 20 minutes of my life.. time just fly when you are having fun..then, it was time to get in.. we then watch the second half of it.. and it was better.. more actions.. more humours.. and not forgetting.. magics.. there was one memorable scene when the sultan dance in a situation that looks like a cabaret performance.. it was hilarious.. then, the show comes to an end.. and we gave them a big round of applause and standing ovation from some(that includes me).. all in all, the show was great and wish to go there again.. no wonder the tickets is hard to get..