Monday, February 23, 2009

emotion rollercoaster..

hmm.. what can i say about these few days is there has been major emotion rollercoaster for some.. that might or might not include me.. some have to face danger in life.. and survived it.. but one of them just keep on making a big fuss about it.. hahh.. get a life please.. bad things are bound to happen in your life.. it is just the matter of time.. some found partner.. at the most unexpected time..and with the most unexpected person.. and still trying to cope with it.. good for you then.. some lose a partner.. and lose interest about it.. dont worry.. time will heal you.. some got the worst critiscism i have ever heard in my life.. it's time for you to realise your level and dont try to go beyond it.. some are feeling down with what are happening around them.. nevermind.. soon, it's your time to feel happiness.. some realised that they are just not ready for anything new.. this includes love and studies.. maybe soon you get throgh the stage.. some expresses their emotion to the person they trust.. just to put some of the burden off their shoulder.. you can count on your friends about it.. some are just feeling happy with what they have.. and making comparison on it.. just enjoy and appreciate it.. while you still can..

haaahhh.. life and emotion.. they are just too many too handle sometimes..

*receiving and absorbing*


Ariff Dean said...

emo ja lebey
heheh, aku xleh nk kata cmtuh kat ank lg dh kan?
thnks 4 listening dude, cos aku takkan kta camni dpan hg betul2, ego gue adalah sngt tinggi~