Thursday, February 5, 2009

what a day...

have u guys ever experienced in your life a night where everything sounds and looks so wrong?..
well, i just experience it last night.. the day started with the fact that i have a test and im not ready for it at all.. but, as a pro in making up stories, i manage to survive it.. it is story telling anyway.. hen, im off to my residential area.. do my laundry.. talked with someone on important matters, believe me, it is very important.. it is the matter of life and death.. of a young soul.. then, i fell asleep.. once awake, i check.. OMG, i've been sleeping for 4 hours.. that is out of my nature.. then, i get ready and have dinner with my friends.. i just realised that i have a meeting that night.. so, i eat with rush and off to the meeting on foot.. yup, approximately 2 km full of steep hills on foot.. once arrived, i realised that no one is there.. s**t, it is cancelled without my knowledge.. luckily a friend of mine send me home.. then, i had a conversation with my friends about many topics, varies from life to political situation of the nation.. hmm.. just cant get pass it.. then, we are off to each other beds.. then, pass midnite, i received a phone call from an unknown number.. someone wants to know me.. fine.. i dont mind making friends but when u asked for more.. sorry, not available.. after that, i just hit the sack..

hahhh.. what a day...