Wednesday, February 4, 2009

im tagged..

im very green to this arena and im tagged.. i have no idea what it is but after some explanation.. i might understand it..

here is my answer to my tag..

7 guys i used to like (I will only use their initial)

1. A - was mine..

2. W- used to, now not even friend..

3. D- love the person.. very nice and respected..

4. F- same case as W

5. AA- love to see, dont want to get near..

6. M- just get to know recently..

7. R- little kids crush..

7 women i used to like

  1. T- someone that i hope i can be with..
  2. A- used to, now she has someone else..
  3. K- my first time..
  4. S- my second..
  5. I- my third..
  6. J- my fourth
  7. N- just want to get to know more about her

hehe.. that all..

who am i tagging?..

  1. Fie
  2. Dydy