Monday, February 2, 2009

just call me Puzzled..

hehehe.. i know the title is very weird.. but that is just who i am.. it is very weird when i want to be loved by someone but once i get it.. i tend to find ways to break free from it.. then, i want to be loved but in the same time being hurted also.. i just love the feeling of being hurted and loved at the same time.. it is very satisfying.. hehe.. just plain weird.. maybe i just love the feeling of being pursuited..
another thing.. i somehow make watching movies and reading fiction books not fun at all.. because of my over analytical behaviour.. people sometimes find it to be very irritating but that is just my nature.. instead of immersing myself deeply in the movie (tears for some), i found it is more intriguing for me to find loopholes and flaws in those stories.. then, i might share it with others and kill their fun.. so sorry guys.. it is just me..
hah.. sometimes i just wish i could stop thinking to much in my life.. because it costs me to miss out a lot of things in my life.. i should just do it then think about it.. but not in all event.. there should always be boundaries..


♥SyaFiẼ™♥ said...

Hehehehe... Yea....
Sysco, you're just wanted to be appreciated..

sort of...

And i'm getting used to your nature...

sort of... again...

Rayyan Haries Ean Rael@ Park Ha Ki said...


you are tag!


Zouq said...

yeah, totaly agree with fie.. Hmm, maybe that's why 4 of us get along well as friends. knowing nature's of each others make me appreciate my life even more...ha..ha.. It's sounds diplomatic - hey, even if others get offended, why so serious?
p/s- but try to listen to them..sometimes

Hunkiecrush said...

first, change sorry you guys to YOU CHICS.
hahaha. :p

well, i love being hurt too.
wonder why is this happening to us shy.

and YES, i found being an analytical person irritates the people around me. haha. dont watch malay movies with me. NO OFFENCE. :p