Tuesday, February 17, 2009


OMG.. i just lost 1 of the most precious passession of mine.. my pendrive.. with all my files and song and not forgetting.. memories.. huhu.. then im irritated by the person yesterday.. with the person's behavior yesterday.. im just plain angry.. but maybe more to envy than anger.. somehow the person looks so charming yesterday.. but i still a bit irritated.. because it has been the same fashion for the last few days.. but than again.. we are not an item.. so, i dare not say anything.. i dont want the person to feel mad at me.. i dont want the person to take me as a control freak.. so just keep it to myself.. 

aaaahhhhhh... hate it.. but love it...

*loving, hating... it's the same*


Anonymous said...

loving and hating?
the same?
didnt knw that..