Saturday, February 28, 2009

Another Theater..

yay.. last nite i went to another theater.. hehe, this semester has been so theatrical for me.. so, back to the stories.. the theater was entitled "Kuala Lumpur: Peluang, Harapan, Impian".. i know.. the title are rather corny.. but it's free.. so, no regret.. and it was staged at panggung bandaraya.. so, we went on the bus to get there.. i got to meet up with friends that i've have been ages since i last saw them.. especially anna.. miss u so much.. so, everything was chaotic in the bus last nite.. with all the catch-up stories and updates.. hehe.. after all the talk.. around one hour.. we arrived.. the first thing i realised at the scene was the amount of 'kakak kakak' over there.. let just say they are the majorities.. once i got the flyer.. i understand why.. there will be parts where their lives are going to be exposed.. okie.. let just see.. then, we went in and pick our seat.. i sit next to anna.. and we were talking and criticising the songs.. and i accidentally burst about my latest conflict to her.. sorry anna you have to listen to it.. then, the show started.. first.. there are monologues from 4 different people.. then, the life of 'kakak kakak' from the village to kl and lastly life of youngsters whose looking for jobs in kl.. overall it is fine.. not that great for me.. but one of the monologue touched me deeply.. it shows how ignorant we are.. a bit of self reflecting last nite.. but that was it.. then, we went back.. on the bus.. while everybody was having a blast talking about the theater and their life.. i chose to keep quiet.. im so not sharing my stories with others.. let me be the only one who knows about it.. i almost cry in the silence.. i am alone although im in a middle of a conversation.. and memories are killing me..

"u feel lonely, even when you are surrounded by your friends, laugh about things and talk about something' - a friend..

as usual.. put up a happy face..
no matter what happen in your life..
never share your sadness with other..
as you will only put them..
in agony that they should never get into..

*keeping it to myself*
*thinking of you - katy perry*


Ariff Dean said...

sheesh, suma emoisserse ni perangainye sama ehh?
like i always say it in the room and the room only, fcuk everything! ehehehehe emo ja lebey XD

PAJID said...

ya.. d part where his housemate die.
aiyoh, ive cried~ uhukz..

dat part really t'kezut punya.

Zouq said...

then..that's smart. we don't people to pity us so much as it makes us look too weak to live on life. i rather to chose that way sometimes...than to spill all the emotion right away. Put on a strong face.... the coldness figura of you.

Zouq said...

P/s: but doesn't mean you should forever hide in your cave..Lets anyone you want to come inside whenever you pleased..
huhu....actually not a cave lah for sai, a tent suits him better...nature hates him by the way.

sysco said...

hehe.. about the housemate la.. sumpah sdey.. i pn almost cried tp tahan.. machismo.. hehe