Sunday, September 6, 2009

after a whole night of thinking..

last night, i was attacked by extreme anxiety.. i went to mcD to hang out with my friends and yet i could not stay.. i almost fainted there.. then, rushed to my room which situated almost 1 kilometer from the place.. then, i turned on my laptop and watch the movie i had in my laptop.. okie.. it was ice age 3.. haha.. children movie.. then, i went to sleep in my room.. while lying down on my bed.. i keep on thinking why i feel sad with my current self.. is it because im alone.. or lonely.. or what?? i cant think of any reason why i feel that.. and i try to look it from different point of view.. and still i could not find a reason.. then, i come to my senses.. i dont have any reason to be sad.. im not bounded to anyone.. im a free agent.. i deserve to be happy.. i've done my crying.. and i've called *** last night.. at 3 in the morning.. and i realised im done with him.. no more love.. just friendship.. and we talked for about half an hour.. courtesy of supersaver.. yeah, from now on.. let be happy and live life to the fullest.. find new experience and become my old self again.. i love my old self..

*starting anew*